Vishwakarma Puja/Jayanti 2018 Date, Time, Rituals, Muhurat, Puja Details


Vishwakarma Puja/Jayanti 2018 Date, Time, Rituals, Muhurat, Puja Details: The festival of Vishwakarma Jayanti is the well-known festival of India celebrated the birth anniversary of Lord Vishwakarma every year in the month of September (last day of Bengali Bhadra month), in the eastern states of India like West Bengal, Orissa, Jharkhand, and Tripura. Employees in the factories and workshops worship their instruments and tools which are used in their profession in front of Lord Vishwakarma.

Vishwakarma Puja/Jayanti 2018 Date, Time, Rituals, Muhurat, Puja Details

The festival is also referred as ‘Kanya Sankranti’ or ‘Bhadra Sankranti’. Vishwakarma Jayanti is celebrated with full eagerness and fervor by laborers, mechanics, carpenters craftsmen and other workers.

It is believed that Lord Vishwakarma formed the whole universe, earth and heaven recognized for creating weapons used in the mythological period, including the sacred weapon ‘Vajra’ of Lord Indra, which he made from the bones of sage Dadhichi.

He is considered as the main worker, with quality and fineness in craftsmanship. He is portrayed in images as having four hands, carrying a book, a water-pot, a noose and craftsman’s tools.

Rituals Of Vishwakarma Jayanti

On Vishwakarma Jayanti, prayers and puja are held in, factories, offices shop, and workplaces decorated with flowers and wear a festive look on this day. On this day, devotees worship Lord Vishwakarma with a vehicle and also worship their tools on this day, the work remains closed for the day.

The families of the workers also participate in these festivals. After the completion of puja, Prasad is distributed among all the workers. In some regions, there is a tradition of flying kites on this day.

Puja Date: Monday, 17th Sept 2018

Puja Timing/Muhurat Start: 07:01 AM


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